Increased Penalties for Cell Phone Use While Driving

Increased Penalties for Cell Phone Use While Driving

semi-truck-cell-phone-banYour drivers may not realize that many states have increased penalties for Talking or Texting on a hand-held device. Some require a court appearance in lieu of paying a fee. This could disrupt your operations greatly and incur unnecessary expenses for your driver. As an example, note the law for NJ as of July 1, 2014:

Effective Tuesday, July 1, 2014, NJ’s new state law increases the fines and other penalties for first, second and subsequent convictions of talking on a hand-held wireless telephone or texting a message with a hand-held wireless electronic communication device while driving. Prior to July 1, the fine for a violation was $100. However, effective July 1, the first offense is now $200-$400, $400-$600 for a second offense and $600-$800 for third and subsequent offenses. The statute is now non-payable and requires a court appearance.

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