It’s a Driver’s Market: Fleets Offering Rewards to Improve Retention

It’s a Driver’s Market: Fleets Offering Rewards to Improve Retention

American transportation organizations now face a widespread driver shortage. Motor carriers at every corner of the country are scrambling to find ways to retain their best and brightest. While the race has certainly begun to offer better total compensation through pay, benefits, and related structures, more and more carriers are realizing the personal element of the business – drivers stay where they feel appreciated. This seems especially appropriate as we celebrate national truck driver appreciation week.

Team building, positive reinforcement of healthy driving behaviors, and a personalized workplace environment centered on developing relationships and rewarding success are a few of the ways in which drivers bond with their team, making turnover far less likely. Some specific implementations of these strategies include:

  • Driver reward¬†points redeemable towards non-cash itemsMan standing in front of truck
  • Driver feedback programs to understand individual driver accomplishments and challenges
  • Use of CRM software to ensure consistent and high-quality client interaction – drivers perform better when expectations are clear
  • Periodic awards for high performance in specific categories, with accolades and non-cash bonuses

In addition to workplace development and rewards programs, carriers are increasingly turning to predictive modeling to help assess where and when attrition might occur. Specific behaviors, language, and changes in performance can all indicate intent to depart.

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