Improving Driver Health & Safety with Telemedicine

Posted on March 29, 2016

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shutterstock_69873625 - CopyMany truckers travel long distances, increasing the likelihood of fatigue and health-related challenges. Yet the farther they get from home, the less likely it becomes that they will have access to affordable and effective healthcare. Deciding whether or not to seek out an emergency room is a lose-lose, with drivers either spending large sums of money or suffering through potentially compromising illness. Telemedicine shifts the paradigm by:

  • Making healthcare affordable and accessible to drivers across the country
  • Improving the quality of care with reduced wait times
  • Enhancing availability with expanded hours of service
  • Reducing costs and risk for employers and employees

These all add up to a working environment focused on healthier, happier, more capable employees, performing at higher standards as a result of better, more frequent care. Telemedicine is supplementary, and does not interfere with the benefits compliance process – it’s simply a tool to support and enhance more traditional benefits offerings. Contact us to learn more.

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