New Apps to Revolutionize Trucking & Freight Logistics

New Apps to Revolutionize Trucking & Freight Logistics

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The trucking industry is responsible for moving the vast majority of freight in the United States – approximately 10 billion tons annually. But the efficiency of this process is staggeringly poor. The complexities of connecting a freight transporter with a business in need of moving cargo can dramatically hinder a carrier’s bottom line. The impact is felt all around, with increased prices for businesses in need of freight hauling, and customers who pay increased prices as a result.

Enter the potential solution: intelligent, responsive industry connectivity apps. The apps are designed to connect a shipper with the appropriate trucking outfit to schedule transport at a competitive price. The criteria for finding an ideal match include distance, weight, size and other customary variables. Carriers are approved based on their financial security, reputation, equipment, rates and other factors.

This new technology further supports the shift to on-demand transactions in the shipper-carrier industry. Expectations continue to increase regarding availability of goods and services, and this may be one of the most significant advances toward that goal for freight carriers.

The vast majority of industry power units are now owned by relatively small players. These apps will make those alternatives more effective for businesses in need of freight transport. But larger carriers will need to make use of them as well to stay competitive and current. Thus this concept provides one of few solutions to move the entire industry forward, from owner operators or the biggest players. Several of these solutions are already coming to market, with more on the way. Contact us to learn more.