Ways to Avoid Cargo Theft

Posted on August 16, 2016

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Cargo theft continues to prove a serious threat to the security and stability of businesses in the transportation industry. At various points in the supply chain, your cargo could be vulnerable to attack or subterfuge. To control your risk and loss, a number of best practices should be implemented. These include:

  • Use best in class locks, not plastic or a bolt seal.
  • Trucks should be full of fuel, drivers rested and available to drive for at least 250 miles.
  • Screen all job applicants and current employees. An online authentication service can be used to detect fake licenses.
  • Don’t ship on a Friday for a Monday delivery – shippers will be anxious to move product out and may be less rigorous with driver vetting.
  • Track the location and possession of your cargo – always. Leverage real-time monitoring, GPS tracking, and other technologies – they’ll save you money in the long run.
  • A photo of the driver and their CDL should be copied and attached to shipping records. It is essential that all personal information is securely handled and stored during ID validation.
  • Brokers should verify references by using GIS (Google maps) mapping tolls to verify company information. If the name on the truck doesn’t match the load tender, confirm with carrier of record.
  • Brokers should validate insurance information by calling the insurance company. Cross reference company contact information by viewing the insurance company’s website. If you can’t find the website or the information doesn’t match up, consider this a red flag.

To learn more about ways to avoid cargo theft, improving transportation practices, and obtaining trucking coverages, contact us.

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