Accelerating Technology — Is Your Fleet Ready?

Accelerating Technology — Is Your Fleet Ready?

The rate of technological advances has kicked into overdrive and many concepts which were once the subject of science fiction, are much closer to becoming reality. Is your fleet ready to handle these changes? Let’s look at two major potential technology disrupters which are expected to impact the transportation industry.

Autonomous Fleets

Things like lane departure warnings, lane corrections, and assisted braking didn’t shake things up in the trucking world in an overly dramatic way. While they certainly improved safety, it was still a human performing the bulk of the work. Autonomous vehicles, however, is a game changer. While the technology isn’t yet fully operational, many experts within the industry expect to see regular use of driverless trucks within the decade.

Drone Deliveries

Drone deliveries are also an eventuality that will disrupt the industry. There was a time when waiting weeks for a delivery was a hassle, but the norm. Now, customers expect one or two-day delivery if not same-day delivery in some areas. With drone technology, same-day delivery could become a real possibility, even in more remote venues. While major players like Amazon floated the idea, some companies are already deploying the technology. One such company, Wing, has been making drone deliveries since 2014. As of 2019, they’re registered with the FAA and operate as an airline. With the first successful launch of drone delivery technology, more companies are sure to follow in Wing’s wake.

Technology is making high speed changes in trucking and the rate of innovative advancements is increasing exponentially. As these technological improvements gain traction and become mainstream, trucking companies will need to be ready to adapt and compete.

Fleet managers have a long list of responsibilities to juggle, including freight scheduling, adapting to new technology, driver safety, fleet maintenance, recruiting and retention, cost control and fleet insurance. The experts at Interstate Motor Carriers can help ease the burden. Contact us to learn how we can help improve your fleet’s operation.