Keeping Fleet Drivers Healthy in a COVID-19 Environment

Keeping Fleet Drivers Healthy in a COVID-19 Environment

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Information about COVID-19, how it spreads, and how to avoid getting sick has shifted several times since the pandemic began, leaving many fleets unsure what to tell their drivers. Truck drivers have been an essential piece of the emergency response to keep grocery stores, hospitals, and other essential businesses well-stocked. As a result, keeping drivers healthy has become more important than ever and fleets have taken several approaches to achieve and maintain this goal.

Here are some of the methods taken to keep fleet drivers healthy:

  1. Increased communication and training. While safety recommendations continue to change, fleets that have good lines of communication can keep their drivers up to date on the best methods to stay healthy.
  2. Deep sanitizing facilities. Fleets operations are implementing new sanitization practices to include all surfaces throughout their facilities. Many fleets are adding hand sanitizer stations in their facilities.
  3. Sanitizing trucks. Fleets are also deep sanitizing surfaces in fleet vehicles before drivers step into the cab. This reduces the risk of driver-to-driver exposure for shared trucks.
  4. Providing protective equipment. Fleets are issuing gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer to help drivers reduce their risk of exposure while on the road.
  5. Teleworking. Many trucking companies’ office employees have been working remotely. Since remote employees have continued to be productive, many fleets may allow some of their office workers to telecommute beyond the pandemic.

COVID-19 has forced many fleets to rethink how they conduct business as usual. Preventative maintenance has been particularly challenging, as technicians are working in shifts to remain isolated. Routine maintenance is also taking longer than usual due to sanitizing requirements and PPE constraints. Regardless, fleets of all sizes are emphasizing employee health and taking steps to reduce risks. To learn more about protecting your trucking company, contact the experts at Interstate Motor Carriers.