Truckers Can Help End Human Trafficking

Truckers Can Help End Human Trafficking

Most professional truck drivers obey the law and have a code of ethics. But it’s important not to overlook the darker side of the transportation industry. Slavery and human trafficking continue to exist. There are over 40 million slaves today across the globe. The number of victims in the US alone is estimated in the hundreds of thousands and traffickers appear in all 50 states.

Human trafficking is a booming and lucrative business. Traffickers recruit online, but also in schools, shopping malls, and elsewhere. Most of the enslaved are women and children, and many are used in the sex industry. They must be identified and recovered.

Organizations like Truckers Against Trafficking recognize that professionals in the transportation industry are crucial in the fight against this deplorable crime. As the eyes and ears of the world’s highways, you are in an exceptional position to make a difference by closing loopholes to traffickers who seek to exploit our transportation system for their personal gain. Visit to learn more about ways to contribute in the fight against slavery, forced labor, and child abuse.

Truckers Against Trafficking is a nonprofit organization designed to educate and empower members of the transportation industry to combat human trafficking in the following ways:

  • Saturate trucking and related industries with actionable materials.
  • Partner with law enforcement and government agencies to better investigate human trafficking.
  • Assemble critical resources throughout the industry to combat this crime.

Human traffickers make the world less safe for everyone and give the transportation industry a bad name. Combating these universal evils protects communities and individuals. Whether you drive a tractor trailer, a school bus, a delivery van, a train, a cab, or any other part of the transportation system, you’re in a powerful position to help. Stay vigilant!