8 Things Your Fleet Needs to Know About Operation Safe Driver Week

8 Things Your Fleet Needs to Know About Operation Safe Driver Week

trucking safetyThe Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will hold its annual Operation Safe Driver Week from July 11-17, 2021. The one-week enforcement and educational event is part of CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver program, and this year’s event will focus on speeding. The event highlights unsafe driving behaviors in an attempt to reduce the number of highway injuries and fatalities.

In a recent report from the National Safety Council (NSC), roadway death rates jumped 24% over a twelve-month period—the highest seen in almost a century. CVSA chose this year’s focus because of this increase in traffic fatalities despite a 13% reduction in miles traveled due to the pandemic.

These harrowing statistics emphasize the need to prioritize truck drivers’ safety more than ever. Thankfully, fleets have plenty of time to prepare their drivers and vehicles for the safety event. Targeted safety training can help reduce risky driving behaviors and avoid citations during Operation Safe Driver Week.

In addition to speeding, law enforcement will be on the lookout for any drivers exhibiting risky behaviors. Some leading examples include:

  1. Reckless driving
  2. Aggressive driving
  3. Distracted driving
  4. Maintaining insufficient following distance
  5. Changing lanes without signaling or when prohibited
  6. Failing to obey road signs and signals
  7. Failing to wear a seatbelt
  8. Signs of drug or alcohol intoxication

Operation Safe Driver Week aims to reduce all risky driving behaviors, meaning officers are surveying commercial motor vehicles and passenger vehicles alike. Any driver pulled over for risky or unsafe driving will receive a citation or warning dependent upon the situation.

Improving driver safety is a top priority for all fleets that requires ongoing efforts to achieve. As Operation Safe Driver Week draws near, fleet managers should focus safety training and meetings on addressing risky behaviors. To learn more about reducing risk through improved driver behaviors in your fleet, contact the experts at Interstate Motor Carriers.