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Top 3 Dangers of Low-Tech Tire Maintenance

            Major temperature changes wreak havoc on tires. For every 10 degrees the temperature drops, there’s a correlating decrease of 2-3 psi in truck tires. Improperly inflated tires can reduce fuel efficiency, affect truck performance, or even lead to a costly and dangerous blowout. Preventing expensive inefficiencies and accidents due


5 Tips to Keep Your Fleet Safe This Winter

With the autumn well underway, truck drivers can expect to see snow and other wintry weather conditions soon. Safe winter driving can challenge new and veteran drivers alike. Fleets need to train and prepare all their drivers to ensure they reach their destinations safely. Even seasoned drivers can find themselves in trouble under adverse weather


How COVID-19 Is Affecting Trucking Regulations and Inspections

              The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued several exemptions as part of its emergency declaration in response to COVID-19. Many of those exemptions received several extensions well beyond their original expiration date because of COVID-19’s continuing status as a national emergency. However, not every exemption remained in


5 Tips to Keep Fleets Clean & Safe in a COVID-19 Environment

With the trucking industry working on the frontlines of emergency relief efforts, it’s more vital than ever that existing truck drivers stay healthy. The shortage of drivers compounds this issue as trucking companies try to keep hospitals, grocery stores, and other essential services stocked in the supplies they need. Maintaining six feet of distance from


Best Practices to Protect Your Fleet from the Coronavirus

As more cases of the coronavirus crop up across the country, fleets need to have procedures in place to prevent workplace exposures, business interruptions, and more. The CDC has issued several guidelines that can help fleet managers implement best practices to keep their truck drivers healthy and their fleets operational. These practices work well for