4 Major Changes to HOS Rules for Truck Drivers

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How COVID-19 Is Affecting Trucking Regulations and Inspections

              The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued several exemptions as part of its emergency declaration in response to COVID-19. Many of those exemptions received several extensions well beyond their original expiration date because of COVID-19’s continuing status as a national emergency. However, not every exemption remained in


5 Innovative Comfort Gadgets for the Long Haul Trucker

            Truck drivers spend hours of their day on the road. Several factors that come with the job such as sitting for prolonged periods, cold coffee, and lukewarm food can lead to massive discomfort in a short amount of time. However, with the help of innovative tools and helpful apps,


5 Tips to Keep Fleets Clean & Safe in a COVID-19 Environment

With the trucking industry working on the frontlines of emergency relief efforts, it’s more vital than ever that existing truck drivers stay healthy. The shortage of drivers compounds this issue as trucking companies try to keep hospitals, grocery stores, and other essential services stocked in the supplies they need. Maintaining six feet of distance from