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FAST Act Updates: CSA Scores & Intermodal Projects

Posted on June 07, 2016

shutterstock_3129935 - CopyThe FAST Act has brought about a number of significant changes in the transportation industry. Two specific issues have recently surfaced regarding implementation and funding. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx spoke on the proposed multimodal freight connectivity system known as FASTLANE. Approximately $4.5 billion has been allocated through 2020, with $800 million allocated for this year. Recipients of funding for this highway improvement project will be announced later in the year.

Additionally, CSA overhaul has been initiated as a result of the passage of FAST Act legislation. This, Foxx indicates, will require a minimum of 2 years to complete before CSA scores will again be publicized (with new figures and analysis). Regulators are supporting a proposal to activate interim safety fitness standards until the new standards are approved and enacted, but members of congress warn that any such safety determinations would be premature and counterproductive.

FAST Act legislation was passed in December, marking the first major highway bill in a decade. We can expect ongoing changes as the ramification of this legislation continue to unfold. The FASTLANE and CSA announcements give transportation businesses more time to prepare for CSA optimization and compliance, and the potential to tactically target or avoid areas undergoing infrastructural improvement. To learn more about transportation news, legislation, and compliance, contact us.

Congressional Legislation on 34 Hour Restart, Speed Limiters…

Posted on May 23, 2016

dotlogoThe United States senate has passed a fiscal 2017 transportation funding bill that could redefine some important aspects of Hours of Service and equipment regulations. These include weekly hours worked prior to required rest breaks, DOT rules on implementing speed limiters nationwide, and revised government spending on transportation infrastructure.

In addition, the bill prevents state governments from modifying break and rest periods related to Hours of Service regulations for the upcoming year, and upholds the delay of safety fitness determinations by the FMCSA. The House Appropriations Committee has shut down an amendment proposed by Representative David Price (D-N.C.). The vote to pass the bill into law is expected shortly after the Memorial Day recess. Highlights of the bill include:

  • Weekly hours allowed prior to required rest break: 73
  • DOT to issue speed limiter final rule within six months
  • Extended prohibition of modifications to the 34-hour restart
  • New infrastructure development and improvement grants
  • Pipeline network funding and Amtrak funding

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