CVSA Reports Passenger Car Drivers Speed Three Times as Often as Commercial Drivers

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URS Extends Implementation Effective Dates

Any motor carrier that must comply with MCA80 and attach MCS90 will have to file for proof of financial responsibility under the new regulations. The effective date these regulations has been pushed back to a 9/30/16 implementation and 12/31/16 for enforcement. At present, only for-hire motor carriers who have applied for authority to haul processed goods of


National “SmartPark” System Could Save Industry $4.4 Billion Annually

Could a national “SmartPark” initiative for the trucking industry become a reality soon? Pilot programs that give truckers real-time information about parking availability are well underway in Tennessee and Michigan. The goals of the projects are to reduce driver fatigue, better adhere to hours of service requirements, and improve drivers’ work conditions. Commercial truck drivers


It’s a Driver’s Market: Fleets Offering Rewards to Improve Retention

American transportation organizations now face a widespread driver shortage. Motor carriers at every corner of the country are scrambling to find ways to retain their best and brightest. While the race has certainly begun to offer better total compensation through pay, benefits, and related structures, more and more carriers are realizing the personal element of