4 Courses New Drivers Need to Take for Fleet Safety

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2021 Safety Trends for Fleets

The top priorities for most fleets are driver safety and containing costs. The pandemic has caused some tactical shifts in executing these priorities, as follows: Contactless driver training. Fleets had to pivot regarding safety training as social distancing became the norm. It’s no longer possible to gather dozens of drivers for in-person safety training. Fleets


How COVID-19 Amplifies Risk for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers have played a critical role in helping the world survive the pandemic. With drivers delivering emergency response supplies, many experienced an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19. Fleets have implemented new sanitation protocols to keep their drivers healthy, but COVID-19 has far-reaching effects on roadway safety. With many people still working from home,


5 Tips to Keep Your Fleet Safe This Winter

With the autumn well underway, truck drivers can expect to see snow and other wintry weather conditions soon. Safe winter driving can challenge new and veteran drivers alike. Fleets need to train and prepare all their drivers to ensure they reach their destinations safely. Even seasoned drivers can find themselves in trouble under adverse weather